Random Command

How To Install

1. Stop your server
2. Add the jar to your plugins folder
3. Restart your server


How To Use

Go to the config.yml file (plugins/RandomCommand/config.yml) And edit the list of commands

{name} is replaced with the second argument in the command

Config Tutorial


Code (Text):

- "50:say this is list 1 {name} with %50"
- "100:say this is list 1 {name}
- "100:say this is list 2 {name}"

if you had this config /rc list1 Snailz would have a %50 chance of making the console say "this is list 1 Snailz with %50" and if that did not happen the console would say "this is list 1 Snailz" /rc list2 Snailz would make the console say "this is list 2 Snailz"

The plugin reeds the commands least to greatest so you must but the commands in order by the percentages. To make shure something happens at a command that has a %100 chance

No Percents:

Code (Text):

- "say {name} list1"
- "say {name} list2"

if you had this config /rc Snailz list1 would make the console say "Snailz list1" and /rc Snailz list2 would make the Console say "Snailz list2"

You can add as many lists as you want and as many options

Multiple Commands on One Line;
You can add multiple commands to one line with the command split feature
In the config there is something called the command split character
If you put this character in the option for a command in a command list it will split it into two commands and if that option is picked it will run all of them
By default the command split character is a ; but it can be changed

Code (Text):

- "say 1;say 2"
- "say 3;say3"

This will either broadcast 1 & 2 or 3 & 4

Commands and Permissions

command: /rc <list> <name> [seconds before execution]
(note: you can use @p and @r
permission: randomcommand.command
use: executes a random command from the list that you name in the first arguement and replaces {name} with the 2 argument. If you have a third argument it will wait that long before executing the command.

command: /rcreload
permission: randomcommand.reload
use: reloads the config for Random Command

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